A great product needs great artists who utilize it. 'Ohana means family, and this is what we have become. Mahalo to the artists below, who go above and beyond to create and care for their artwork and take part in the 'Ohana Organics lifestyle.

SuLu'ape Si'i Liufau 

Garden Grove, CA

Owner and founder of A Town Tattoo in Garden Grove, California, Sulu'ape Si'i Liufau specializes in Polynesian and traditional tatau tattoo. The rights to tatau were bestowed upon him by one of Samoa’s most prominent tattooing families, the Sulu’ape.  He executes beautiful traditional Samoan tattoos with traditional hand tools.  Outside of the shop, he's known for his great fishing skills.

PhiL Garcia 

Port Hueneme, CA

Phil is a tattoo artist, father, painter, long distance runner, and veteran. He is the owner of Eight Thirty Eight Gallery based in Port Hueneme, California. He started tattooing in April 2001 as a hobby and soon made it his career. Now a world-renowned tattoo artist specializing in colorful realism.

Jose MoraLes 

Los Angeles, CA

Chances are if you've seen an incredible Anime tattoo on social media it was done by Jose. Jose specializes in the ever popular Anime style and always loves making flowers come to life. He tattoos out of a private studio in Los Angeles called Ronin Tattoo.

Lainey Bee

Las Vegas, NV

An international artist, Lainey travels to work on clients at conventions year-round. While traveling she is also the owner Custom Cult studio in Nijmegen, Netherlands. Now residing at Seven Tattoo Studio, LV. She enjoys incorporating full colors in her work and helping her clients craft their vision into an original piece of art.  Prioritizing the details for every client, executing tattoos that satisfy her customers around the world. Fun fact, did you know, she worked with black and gray only until she switched to color in 2016.

Chase Tafoya 

Bend, OR

Chase Tafoya enjoys all forms of art and all forms of medium. Some forms include putting his art on stickers, shirts, and of course skin. An incredible painter with many published pieces. He is based in Bend, Oregon. Chase takes his own spin on today's pop culture which is seen incorporated into his art.

Liz Venom 

Edmonton, Canada

Originally from Australia, Liz Venom has been tattooing since 2011. She specializes in color realism and her pieces are stunning with pops of color. Liz is the owner of Bombshell Tattoo Galerie and Northern Tattoo Supply in Edmonton, Canada. She is an acclaimed traveler and tattoos clients around the world.

Hunmin Nathan Ji

Portland, OR

Nathan moved from South Korea to Portland, OR in 2008 and has been tattooing since 2011. His style is focused on Asian calligraphy based brush stroke watercolor. He works out of Rain and Forest Tattoo in Portland, OR. Nathan has a background in Asian art history and has been doing calligraphy his whole life. He loves all kinds of art styles with nature being his biggest inspiration to paint. He has a cat named Flower who is 17 years old.

Ben Ochoa

Anaheim, CA

Ben started tattooing in 2008 from a private studio. He now owns his own shop, Manor No. 9. Creating art has always been a part of his life since he was a child. He even started to learn graffiti at age 13. Ben loves to tattoo in every style, but he specializes in 3D color. He enjoys tattooing pop culture icons and characters, anything from movies, monsters, comics, and of course anything batman related. 

Andres Acosta 

Austin, Texas

Andres has been tattooing since 2009 and works in his own private studio in Austin, Texas. His work expresses bold coloring while still in surrealism. Andres is from Venezuela but moved to the United States with his wife, whose first tattoo was done by Andres.  You can feel his passion for art through the detail in his work.

Vic Vivid

Las Vegas, NV

Award winning, color realism specialist, founder and co-owner of Basilica Tattoo. Vic's work is known worldwide for his impeccable application and attention to detail. He entered the tattoo scene in 2010 and just a few years later he became a Color Realism authority. Vic Vivid loves working on intricate pieces and custom designs. 

MikhaiL Andersson

New York City, NY

Mikhail started his career in 2008 and quickly mastered the art of color realism. His styles extend from striking full-color landscapes to grungy, edgy trash polka sleeves. When he's not killing it with tattoos he enjoys boxing, adventuring around NYC, and photography. Mikhail loves working on large pieces, as he's able to capture more detail and elements.

Howie Horowitz

Oxnard, CA

Howie is known for his bold, illustrative work. With over 25 years of tattooing under his belt, His bold lines and pop of color are always popular. Howie is a legend in the game and one of the funnest people to get tattooed by. You'll always walk away with a smile on your face.

Teddie Scott

Oxnard, CA

Teddy studied art at the Institute of Philadelphia. He is known as Kaha Ki'i Arts. Teddy is well known for his octopus tattoos and nature inspired pieces with a poly twist. Teddy has created many designs and creations for companies, including 'Ohana's own Kava Butter label. He is a master chef and nobody cooks better on a Traeger smoker than him.

Jon Aubry

Vancouver, Canada

Jon has been tattooing for 10 years and is now working out of his beautiful private studio in downtown Vancouver, BC. He loves the old traditional style and focuses on tattooing classic imagery, with a modern twist.

TeiL Aubry

Vancouver, Canada

Teil, pronounced like the color begun her tattooing journey in Las Vegas. She currently lives and works in beautiful downtown Vancouver, BC. Her style is constantly changing, but always seems to fall on the illustrative and fine-line side of black work. In addition to tattooing, She is an avid painter in many mediums, classic sign-painting being one of her favorites. 

JuLie L'Ecuyer

Chateauguay, Cananda

Julie finds inspiration in her art from earth and  mother nature. This comes in many forms including animals, plants, fruit, and colors. While taking inspiration she likes to create her own original idea of an image. Julie specializes in original and unique personalized tattoos for the human canvas. Her colorful tattoos inspired by nature come to life.

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